Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless Dent Repair

If your vehicle has a few dents, door dings, or some minor body damage, Dent Pros paintless dent removal can come to your location and repair them while you go about your business.

Benefits of Paintless Dent Repair

The benefits of paintless restoration include convenience, low cost, as well as the original cars paint remaining untouched. This means no expensive auto-body shop repair bills.

Whenever you park your car at the supermarket, the mall, or wherever you may be, every vehicle is subjected to small dings. Door marks are the most common sort of body damage.

Our mobile dent repair professional will also come to your job location and fix your vehicle in several hours. If you had to get your vehicle to the auto body shop, it may take days before it is repaired. This is why we are the best choice for you.

Dent Repair Discounts

Majority of the local shops will give discounts on more than one vehicle being repaired. So if your car has hail damage and your wife’s is pretty beat up from living at the grocery store it would be more cost efficient for you both to have your dents repaired together.

The most effective and low cost way to repair hail damage and minor dents.

Whether it’s a creased door ding or a heavily dented, hail damaged car, Dent Pros can remove those dents, dings and creases without the need for auto body repair. No painting or auto body work is necessary! Dent Pros is located in San Antonio, TX offering quality Paintless Dent Removal to the greater Bexar County.

Our automotive reconditioning services are designed to save you lots of money and time without jeopardizing quality. Our rapid convenient services help you avoid insurance claims (In most cases.), high lease return penalty costs and retain your vehicle’s over all value.

Truth about Paintless Dent Repair and Insurance Companies

When it comes to alternative car and body shop repairs, insurance companies tend to have a pretty bad reputation. Painted as the “bad guys” looking out only for the bottom line, most people expect insurance companies to frown upon paintless dent repair, as it offers car owners a way to sidestep traditional auto body repair methods to go straight for the most time-saving solution. However, contrary to these beliefs, paintless dent removal is actually one of the favorite repair methods of insurance companies and car manufacturers alike.

Industry Standards in Paintless Dent Repair

In reality, paintless dent removal (PDR) is an industry-recognized repair process. This means that many car manufacturers not only endorse it, but they do it themselves for existing customers or when they want to resell a car. That’s because it is the only dent removal practice that maintains the original surface and finish without any cracking, chipping, or need for repainting.

Believe it or not, but Paintless Dent Removal has impacted the lives of untold numbers of people. Everybody has a sensible idea about what is doable with it. Still the desire to learn more about it is simple to comprehend because knowledge can enable you. We hope to expand your knowledge base of this specific subject, and in so doing make it possible for you to be much more knowledgeable.

You can improve the life of your vehicle by fixing the paint damages on your car, or in other words, by improving the cosmetics of your vehicle. Your car is better protected when paint chips are taken care of before getting too big. Rusting and holes in the paneling occur when the vehicle’s cosmetics, such as paint and finish, is not looked after. Those of you who love keeping the aesthetics of your car looking awesome can feel even better, knowing that you’re improving the life of your car as you improve the look.

Paintless Dent Repair Cost

We are please to say we had a paintless dent repair video created to help our customers understand prices. Our customers call and always seem to ask, “how much does paintless dent repair cost?”

Unfortunately, not all dents are the same and neither is the involvement repairing them either. Prices depend on depth, location and access.